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If you are reading this it means you are ready to share your art and ideas with the world and I’m looking forward to hearing your story! A good portrait speaks about personality and accessibility. Showing who you are and how you work shows people your creativity and helps building your personal brand. 

Profiles pictures for social media, portraits on location and in studio:

Everything you need to get yourself known.

Serving artists, musicians, models, actors, dancers and creative entrepreneurs.


First, get in touch

Contact me via this website or on Facebook, and tell me something about who you are and what you would like from a photoshoot with me. I will send you my welcome guide with the info you need to know.

Let’s have a coffee

Or a cup of tea. Or a beer. Or a Skype call. I like to meet my clients to get to know them better and explain how I work and what they can expect. This introductory meeting is always free and non-binding.

We get to work!

Now that we agreed on what you need to get yourself and your talent out there, is time to create the magic! We meet at your chosen location, shoot great pictures and start building your personal brand.


My name is Martina Bertola, and I am an Italian photographer living in Amsterdam. I know that it would sound cool if I started by telling you that “I was born with a camera in my hand” or “being a photographer has always been my dream”, but the truth is that when I was a child I wanted to become a Ninja.


Soon, I had to face reality: I couldn’t run fast enough like the ninjas I saw on tv. I needed to find a career in which I could express my non-ninja potential. I started videomaking when I was 14 shooting videos titled “Stupid Things” with my friends.


Fast forward 10 years, a degree in cinema, a published novel, many filming projects and even a pilot written for a famous former porn-star (nowadays I am kind of happy that the project didn’t go through), and I moved to Amsterdam to start a new life from scratch.


This is when I approached photography, because my nephew and niece were so cute that I had to take memorable pictures of them. But taking pictures of families is not for me: I wanted to help my fellow creatives in building strong personal brands through unconventional portraits. 


Get Out There, as the name implies, is my contribution to support artists, musicians, dancers, actors, creative entrepreneurs in getting themselves, their work and their talent in the world.