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Get Out There with Fabrizio

Get Out There with Fabrizio

Fabrizio Santarelli is the founder of the label “Ear Eye sound and vision, which aspires to give to the musicians a complete experience that goes beyond the production itself of a piece.

What I love of his vision is that he wants to explore the music in different ways, using also visuals, video clips and putting extra work in organizing good live shows.

When I’ve been in his studio I could see how he works in total harmony with the artist, giving ideas, suggestions and totally focusing on the work, with a lot of patience and cure for the details

So I’ve asked him some questions:

When the EarEye is born?

The label is quite young because I’m here in the Netherlands from just 3 years. I started to work again in this field one year ago, but I gained already lots of experience back in Italy.

From one side I’m trying to restore what I used to do in Italy, from the other I’m working to give a new shape to the label. The record market is completely changed during the years because records are not selling anymore. If you want to work as a label now, you have to consider the market and approach the business in a very new and innovative way.

What’s the core idea behind the label?

The idea is to build music projects and to cure every detail from audio, videoclip, to all the visual parts that can be used during a show. I want to build what I call “the box of the whole project“, that includes everything related to it.

Of course, music is the main thing, but also other elements are important. For example, lights used in the right way or some visual during a concert can change the perspective of the audience.

With who you work the most?

We have projects with bands and also solo projects. However, we do lots of crossover with theatres, like combinations of visual and audio.

The main idea of the label is to build projects that can be put on stage as a complete show.

What’s the most difficult thing in this process?

The budget obviously. Now it’s hard because you cannot make a direct profit from selling records. That means that we have to program more ahead and find another way to get the money, like crowdfunding or artistic funds or things like that. We need to be creative also in the financial part.

What is the most rewarding thing?

The artistical part is the most stimulating. I love to create situations, plan, figure, and design all the projects we want to do.

The Amsterdam crowd is different from the Italian one. I love it because it’s more international and there is more possibility to meet other cultures. Artistically this is very stimulating. Here it’s also easier to find other creative with who to share ideas, thoughts, project and I really like it.

How musicians reach to you?

In all different ways. Some of them see me on social media and send me samples of what they do, others come because they heard about the label from other artists.


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