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Get Out There with Idris

Get Out There with Idris

Finally, despite the pandemic, I had the chance to be involved in another photoshoot! This meant to meet a new creative and for me is always exciting.

Idris is a personal trainer, he’s starting his Ready 2 Workout business and he is the personal trainer that you would like to have.
He’s focused and dedicated, I could see it also in how prepared he came for the photoshoot. He explained to me that his approach is to work hard, and actually I think it’s the best way to approach a workout. If you want results you have to sweat for them (isn’t it a bit a metaphor of the life?).

Idris is a very nice guy, the kind of personal trainer that will not let you stop your 20 push up series, but that will for sure celebrate your success when you’ll finish it.

For the photoshoot, we went to Amsterdam Noord, where there are vibrant urban vibes and marvellous graffiti, pieces of art, are displayed. It was very cloudy, which helped to keep the light under control, and the rain that disturbed us a bit didn’t last long. I used mostly a long-focus lens (70-300 mm) because I had lots of space and could play with the deepness of the field.

Coming back on the topic of personal training, I believe that that’s another interesting expression of creativity.  When we talk about creativity it’s easy to think always about art, writing, painting or playing an instrument, truth is that human creativity finds different ways of expression. Being a personal trainer means to create a routine that works well for the person you have in front. You know how the human body works and how the exercises work, but you need to transform your knowledge in an effective workout, possibly also a fun one. You need also to understand which kind of person you have in front and how it is the best way to train with him/her/them. Plus, Idris is also a writer and an author, that means that creativity is totally his thing.

But let’s ask Idris what he thinks about it:

How do you think you can express your creativity in the personal trainer job?
It’s like painting. You can choose the colours you want, your own imagination, your own ideas etc.
And if you have a creative mind, it’s easy to mix a variety of exercises into a workout program.

What you’re working on right now?
I’m currently working on my website and I’m going to follow an online course about social media.

What you struggle with more and what gives you more satisfaction in being a personal trainer?
I’m an emotional eater by nature and that makes it easy for me to relate with others. I’m not better than them. Everyone has imperfections, insecurities, ups, downs etc. We’re all human.


What’s your training philosophy?
No pain, no gain.

How the photoshoot went?
Great, better than expected!

Facebook: Ready2Workout

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