Get Out There Photography | Get Out There with Jennifer – Part 1
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Get Out There with Jennifer – Part 1

Get Out There with Jennifer – Part 1

I’ve known Jennifer from a while. She used to model professionally, so she is my favourite “guinea pig” every time I want to try something new (that’s why she appears a lot in my work).

This photo-shoot was different. She contacted me because she became an ambassador for the International Bipolar Foundation. She reached out to them, then they reviewed her website and asked her to become an ambassador.

In the same period, the Dutch bipolar association “Plusminus” had a writing contest where Jennifer applied with her poem for the world’s bipolar day (I can tell you, the poem is so beautiful and when she read it on stage it was amazing!)

At the same time, she wanted to promote a podcast for her blog.

She called me asking if we could choose together some of her old photos to promote all these wonderful news. I said no. We’ll take new pictures because all of this was something important to celebrate.

I won’t go now into details, but mental health is a subject that is quite important in my life. Some people that I really love struggle with that and I’m coping as well with a high level of anxiety, which is always at the edge to go downhill.

Problem is that people that consider themselves “normal” (whatever this word means) often have no idea what it means having a mental health issue or staying next to somebody who struggles with that.

Who doesn’t have any contact with people openly suffering from a sickness of this nature tends to divide the world into two categories: “Normal” and “People in a straitjacket who believe they’re Napoleon”. Well, there are much more than 50 shades of grey between this black and white view. I strongly believe that the more you know about it the less scary it is.

With Jennifer we often talk about that, she suffers from bipolarism and that’s why I see her often going from an extreme to another (superhappy, supersad), but all these strong emotions she feels are also her wonderful point of strength. She is bright, smart, caring and she puts all this into her creativity as an artist. She struggles sometimes, because therapy is hard and in the down moments it’s not easy, but she has a great support system and an amazing interior strength.

For this reason, I wanted to celebrate her and her powerfulness. She deserves to be recognized as somebody who survives every day to her bipolarism forcing herself to fit in our “normal” world where I don’t know yet why we “the normal” made the rules.

When we went through the pictures we took in this photo-shoot at some point I said with no hesitation: “This one! This is the pictures you’ve to use”.

The others were nice, but this one represents much better the energy she has.

By the way, Microsoft word is underlining bipolarism as an unknown word, this gives a good example of how far we are with embracing mental sickness.


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