Get Out There Photography | Get Out There with Jennifer – Part 2
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Get Out There with Jennifer – Part 2

Get Out There with Jennifer – Part 2

What are these pictures for?

I’ve a blog where I write about art, poetry but also bipolarism. I became recently an ambassador for the International Bipolar Foundation and that gave me even more motivation to spread awareness about it.

I need these pictures for my website but also I wanted a new picture to promote a podcast that is really important to me in which I discuss with my friends about the last psychotic episode I had.


Why you do what you do? Art, poetry, writing etc… all in one website?!

 I don’t think I have an option. It comes to me and then I’ve to share, to produce, to let it out. I need to let my feelings out. That’s why I started putting it on Facebook and four years later I’ve started the website.


With what you’re struggling the most?

 I struggle with continuity. You can’t really expect to be always inspired or to feel these intense emotions all the time. We take medication indeed to not feel always that intensity, to not feel too bad.


How the photo-shoot went?

The photo-shoot was great as always, that’s why I’m coming back for more. I really enjoyed a lot.


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