Get Out There Photography | Get Out There with Maybe Boozegeoisie and Miss Herpes – Part 1
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Get Out There with Maybe Boozegeoisie and Miss Herpes – Part 1

Get Out There with Maybe Boozegeoisie and Miss Herpes – Part 1

The first impact I had with the Drag Queen world was when I covered, for, a video about the Drag Olympics in Amsterdam (here to see the video).

Already at the time, I found that world interesting and fascinating. I was jealous of the freedom they had in being extravagant, overboard and to not be afraid to show it against all prejudices. That was already a great lesson to learn, above all if I’m thinking also about the struggle that Drag Queens and in general the LGTB community have to go through.

Then RuPaul Drag Race came and I could appreciate even more the effort that those creative people who performance as Drag Queens put in their characters. Talking about artists Drag Queens is one of the most complete categories I can think about.

A good Drag Queen needs to know how to do her make up (not easy at all, it requires hours of work), she needs to think about her outfits (some of them sew their own clothes), she needs not just to walk on such heels that for me would be impossible, but often she has to dance on them!

You have Drag Queens who are stand up comedians, who are storytellers, or singers, or dancers, or everything together.

Artistically talking is so interesting to see such experience in which through a character people can show to the world without fear other aspects of their personality.

What it makes everything more special it is also that most the people who do Drag (if not everyone) passed through lots of discrimination and problems. Some of their families accept and support them, but you hear also stories of people who got kicked out from their house and disowned by their own family. In general, then, you always find people ready to judge anything that looks different from their “normal standards”. So the strength that these people show and the way they transform pain and suffering in art is really inspiring.

That’s why I started to think that Get Out There Photography could build up also a Drag Queen portfolio. Visually talking a Drag Queen is really interesting and I like to meet artists so that works just perfectly.

I placed an ad on a Facebook page to look for some Drags who wanted to get a Photoshoot and I met Maybe Boozegeoisie and Miss Herpes. The interesting fact they are two women who started to do Drag thinking that “why should it be just a men thing?!”.

When I arrived, the first thing they told me was that I needed to put something on too. So I took a few green sparkling dots and I decorated my face. This step was already something for me. I’m a shy person from this point of view, I don’t like to look “ridiculous” or “weird” in front of strangers. I worry too much about “what will people think”, but I don’t like this about myself, because I know that I’m a playful spirit so “why not?!”.

Going around with Maybe Boozegeoisie and Miss Herpes was so important for me. They were not scared to ask people “can we take a photo here, in your truck?” and they cheered everyone who stared at them (that meant basically everybody on the street).

We faced different reactions. From people who got defensive and “scared”, to people actually asking us what we were doing, to a father who asked to take a picture to send to her daughter, who was attending a fashion school, and even to the owner of a gym who came out and asked us if we were interested in taking pictures inside his gym.

Being around Maybe Boozegeoisie and Miss Herpes was a great lesson on not to be afraid to be extravagant or different, to talk to people, to meet them and engage conversations with them. Some will react badly, some others will really surprise you.


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