Get Out There Photography | Get Out There with Maybe Boozegeoisie – Part 2
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Get Out There with Maybe Boozegeoisie – Part 2

Get Out There with Maybe Boozegeoisie – Part 2

What you’re going to use the pictures for?

When I first started drag, we immediately did a photo-shoot, but after that, I took just some random pictures before or after a party. I recently opened an instagram account to have an overview of my looks and to get to know new drag queens / kings / non-humans. So it is really nice to have more cool pictures in my portfolio and to have some experience in posing. Who knows what the next shoot is going to be! Haha.

Why you do drag?

My motivation is personal, but also political. I like to dress up and get people confused. They are questioning who I am. Am I a man or a woman? I think this can be too rigid and I prefer to be more fluid. Drag is definitely a form of criticism towards binary thinking.

It also gives you the possibility to explore the representation of yourself. You can be anyone or anything you want! You can look at yourself and realize that the way you represent yourself is not that fixed, but is relative.

I also organize drag up’s and invite people to join experimenting with make-up and looks. These events help people to understand that drag can be for everybody, not just for homosexual men. This was one of the boundaries I had to overcome when I started because you only see men doing drag, not women. I also like how some of my straight friends are now getting really enthusiastic about it. If you want to question gender and do drag and be super fabulous, it doesn’t matter what your gender or sexual orientation is.

My dream would be that everybody feels comfortable and safe enough to also do some daily drag. And that at parties everybody will be in drag, including security and bar employees! Or even going to work in drag, I mean, why not, it makes people happy.


What’s the hardest thing about it?

A lot of people really like it when you walk on the streets in drag, as you experienced during the photoshoot, but there are also negative reactions. I think a lot of work still needs to be done regarding LGBTQIA+, despite the so-called tolerance in the Netherlands. Drag exaggerates, dito the reactions. I only try to feel free and behave like that. I hope others also can feel that.


How do you think the photo-shoot went?

I really liked it. I think we choose the right area because it was a bit in between dirty, remote and everyday life. The picture of me laying in the container is a good example. Since I would like to do that all day!


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