Get Out There Photography | Get Out There with Miss Herpes – Part 3
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Get Out There with Miss Herpes – Part 3

Get Out There with Miss Herpes – Part 3

For what are you going to use these pictures for?

I’ve not so many pictures yet of me in drag and I like to build up a kind of portfolio of my looks. I was just curious how it would come out.

I like when we go outside and we look for places or situations where you can pose your character.


Why you do drag?

Two years ago I had this feeling that I wanted to go on a trip, like around the world of something and see more in life. And then Malou came and she asked me if I wanted to do drag and I thought “Wow that looks nice”. It was then more a trip into yourself. It was a journey with yourself, with your looks, you make such a big trip with your person. You can feel like a different person. I don’t need this big trip around the world anymore (even if it would be nice). You don’t need to go far, you can do your journey with yourself.

Also because I’m an artist this is an addition to my art because I can use myself as an object and make art with myself.


What’s the hardest thing about doing drag?

 The makeup. I like when you change your face completely. I’m learning from tutorials but it’s so difficult. Every time you learn something new and you think “Wow, I can do this now.”


Which is the next goal?

 I would like to make my own outfits. We’re working also on a dance that I would like will be possible for everybody to join easily anddance with us.


How the photo-shoot went?

I like the reaction of people on the street. Of course, not everybody had a good one, somebody was also scared of us. People can react in so many different ways, people might not understand it or ask why do you do it, or what you’re going to do with it. We’re just in the moment and we’re having fun.

It’s true also that you can get some aggressive reaction from people that concern me a bit because sometimes when people don’t understand what you’re doing they get aggressive and that indeed concerns me.


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