Get Out There Photography | Get Out There with Oriana – Part 1
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Get Out There with Oriana – Part 1

Get Out There with Oriana – Part 1

It wasn’t the first time I worked with Orina.  Before “Get Out There Photography” was born, I had the pleasure to take a family photo-shoot for her, with her daughter and her mother. It was already a very pleasant experience and both of us were happy with the result.

After I rebranded my business, Oriana contacted me again: “I’m changing career, I’m studying and training to became a storyteller.”

What amazing news! – I thought.

I come from a family that loves to settle down. It’s actually in general part of the Italian culture the “one life secure job” thinking.

My mother has this idea that you choose a career, you study for it, get a job and that’s it, for the rest of your life. I broke her heart already when I decided to enter into the magic world of the free-lancing (aka “forever precariousness”), plus she cannot deal with the idea that I love to do so many things (I’m a multipotentialite, she is a specialized – math teacher – we’ll never get each other).

Since I’ve moved to the Netherlands for the first time I understood that “the one life job” is not necessarily the only way. People change and at some point, they can be called to another vocation. It’s also not so unusual that the vocation they turn to has always been there. I’ve heard lots of stories of people that at some point realized that: “this was always one of my dreams, but I never pursued it.”

We all know that it’s not easy to change career and to, somehow, start over. After years of video-making, I also decided to specialize more in photography. That required a new training, almost a start over, but why not?!

When Oriana told me her story (see the interview in “Get Out There with Oriana- Part 2”) I was so impatient to know more about it (plus she was entering in one of my favourite fields ever “storytelling”).

We met and we had a very inspiring chat. We talked about how the pictures could represent her the best. The idea was to not work on very posed pictures but on more casual ones.

Once we agreed on that, it was easy to choose the location: “I’ll take pictures at your place” I said, “while you’re working in your own environment.” She was happy with the idea and we could also include shots taken in Delft, her town.

As a reference, she showed me some of my pictures that she liked (I was so happy she referred to my work in particular and not a random Instagram photo as often happens, in this way we could work on her idea, but basing it on my style).

The day of the shooting the weather was cloudy, which is my favourite weather to shoot with. If the sun is too harsh taking pictures outdoor can become a challenge.

It was so easy to work with her, because she was following my instructions very well and, even if I could see that she was a bit tense (normal for people who are not used to being models in photo-shoots) she trusted me and she loosened up.

She is a bright person and our first chat left me with lots of ideas and a list of podcasts to listen to. What I’ll bring from this photo-shoot with Oriana is the strength she has in putting herself out there.

She knows it’s hard and she has to struggle with insecurity and fear of doing something new, but her calling is so strong that she really inspired me.

Do what you have to do to follow your vocation, your dream. It’s hard, it brings a lot of anxiety and stress, but the reward of knowing that you’re in your element is priceless.


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