Get Out There Photography | Get Out There with Oriana – Part 2
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Get Out There with Oriana – Part 2

Get Out There with Oriana – Part 2

What you’ll use these pictures for?

Most of them are for my new path in my career. I want to be a storyteller and a public speaker.

It’s artistic storytelling, not the one that you use in marketing for example. My goal is to really be an artist, creating stories, crafting them, using them in different ways.

I want to be a public speaker because I think I’m ready to get out there and share my opinion on stuff, or my experience on life so far.

So I’ll use the photos for the website, social media and to create an image.


Why you’re doing what you doing?

I didn’t know anything about storytelling until one year and a half ago when I saw a couple of storytellers which are really well known in Amsterdam: Sahand Sahebdivani and Raphael Rodan.

I was absolutely mesmerized by the way they were telling the story and you didn’t have the feeling that you were told anything, you were in the story, you were with them each step of the way and I loved that. When I went to do an introductory course I thought that I would get just an idea of the way it works and maybe use it for the workshop I was giving as a coach. Then I realized I was kind of sabotaging myself for lots of years because I had this urge of telling stories and playing with words and images for a long time, but I never did it because I thought “who am I” or “there is nothing more that needs to be told”.

Then I really thought I could use these storytelling tools for so many things, for sharing so much of myself, of my views. Also because I’ve been through many things in life so I could tell things from my experience. It’s good to share that, and when you share people connect with you and they start to share their stories and it’s a process of connection and, in a way, a process of healing and understanding each other more.


With what you struggle more in being a storyteller?

I still doubt myself a lot and I’m doubting if I’m doing well enough if I’m interesting enough and also if it’s worth for anybody.

But it’s less and less, I’m getting more confident, so I’m not doubting myself all the time, but I see that this is getting in my way and is pushing me back a little bit. But I’m kind of embracing it because it’s also part of my process. I have lots of ideas so I go “I could do this, or that” etc… Then I start to work on something when I’ve all these self-doubts and it’s good to take a step back and say “ok maybe I could do this a little bit differently”.

The other thing is that I’m working a lot on my personal material, so on my own real story, from my own background, but I also love legends and myths. It’s a challenge for me because in myths and folktales there is so much wisdom and they are universal. Even if it’s from a long time ago they talk about human values that are still current, there is a human connection in them. I like the process of mixing the lessons from the myths with what it’s actually happening now with me or with people in general, but it’s a lot of emotions that need to go through it. You don’t want to give a lesson about Greek myth, you want to fluently connect to each other and then to have the “oh, right!” reaction. I’m still working on it.


How the photoshoot went?

I loved it! When I decided to do the photoshoot my first thought was “I’m so excited” but then it came the “oh my God, why I’m doing it? Do I really want to put myself out there?!”.

But you really helped me through it and you helped me to relax.


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