Get Out There Photography | Home coming – Return to your passion (CALL TO ACTION)
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Home coming – Return to your passion (CALL TO ACTION)

Home coming – Return to your passion (CALL TO ACTION)

Did you ever have a passion that it has always been with you?  

A passion that you had already when you were a kid or a teenager and to which you always return?  

Writing, painting, dancing, building origami, playing an instrument, studying a language, reading, skating, anything that you cannot just let go. You tried in the past to switch, or just you didn’t have enough time for it and you put it on standby because life took over, but at some point that sneaky voice in your head started again with: “go back to it, return to do what gives you joy”. 

Maybe you transformed this passion into your business. Maybe it’s just a hobby. Maybe you’re not even so good at it, but every time you dedicate yourself to that passion you feel like you’re coming back home, you’re returning to something familiar that makes feel you good.  

For me, it’s the writing and the visual work, but for now, I don’t want to tell more about my passions. 

actually want to know more from you and listen to YOUR stories of passions.  

So, don’t hesitate and contact me to join the project: Homecoming – Return to your passion 

I’ll collect portraits and stories from anyone who has a strong passion that never left him/her/them.  

You don’t have to be a professional in it, you don’t even have to be really good at it.  

Few informations about the project 

  • How much it costs to participate?  – NOTHING (actually you get your portrait taken for free) 
  • Where? –  Preferably Amsterdam Area, but location can be discussed, so please contact me even if you don’t leave in the city.  
  • Location? – If possible, I would like to take pictures where normally you “exercise your passion” so where you paint, or play or do makeup etc… I want to see you in your own element.  
  • When to apply? – You can apply from now till the end of February 2020. The project will be published in April on my social media and website.