Get Out There Photography | Is the first impression the last impression?
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Is the first impression the last impression?

Is the first impression the last impression?

Is the first impression also the last impression? Often it is, above all if we’re talking about social media.

Nowadays, if you’re an entrepreneur or an artist in general, you must use social media to promote your work and yourself. Social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, represent a great opportunity to let yourself known. Of course, a good website is also necessary at some point, but the truth is that everybody can start to promote their art, music, work already on the socials. The good thing is that you can do it as well, the bad thing is that you must fight with tons of other pages to emerge.

When you decide to put yourself out there, you have to build up a virtual identity which includes a virtual image of yourself. With virtual I don’t mean “fake”, but just belonging to the virtual world of your professional pages online.

Your possible client wants to know you, so he/she’ll see your professional page and he/she’ll pay attention to who appears on the profile picture.

What does that picture tell about you?

Clients tend to purchase services from people with who they feel a connection. If your profile picture gives your client a good approachable vibe that’s already a step ahead, he or she will more likely contact you for some information.

Of course, you need to know also what kind of social media you’re using. For example, LinkedIn is a social media dedicated mostly to corporates or free-lances professional platforms. So please avoid pictures taken while drinking with friends on Saturday night; or the one taken with your boyfriend on a beach during your vacation at Tenerife.

If you are an entrepreneur, clients could end up on your profile and not be impressed at all, if you’re searching for a job consider that nowadays big companies use normally LinkedIn to research about possible candidates.

In general, I advise using a similar approach also for the other social media. Facebook is more flexible because you can have your personal and your business page separated. However, it’s very easy for a possible client to look at your personal page as well. It is important to acknowledge that what is put online is not private anymore.


On Instagram, you must be specialized. So be really focus on what you’re promoting and choose one aspect of what you do that you want to push more. For example, if you’re a musician open a page just to promote your gigs and everything that is related to music, avoid to mix it with your personal pictures taken on vacation or the ones of your favourite food.

If you own a logo, as Get Out There photography does, for example, your profile picture (on the professional page) could be just your logo. Remember, though, that good pictures of you on your website or on the bio section of your pages will help to find a bond with your possible next client or employer.

Now, don’t be fool by all these rules. The pictures must not be necessary boring. It just depends on what you do and on what kind of person you are. That’s why is very important for me to talk to my clients and to get to know them better. In this way, we can decide together which vibes we want the pictures to give.

If you’re a painter and you want a profile picture in which you’re all cover in colours that’s a great idea. If you’re a classical musician I would keep more on a classical, sober pose, but we can catch a moment in which you’re laughing in order to keep it lighter. If you’re an entrepreneur then maybe we can choose something very professional that gives the message “yes! I know what I’m doing and I can help you”. Possibilities are many, the point still that good pictures can make the difference.

If you follow my page on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, you had already noticed that I’ve launched the “Portrait Day”. Every month I organize in my studio one day of mini-sessions for people who want to get some good pictures for their social media. Of course “the social media package” is always one of the services that Get Out There Photography offers, but sometimes people need just a few good pictures taken during a shorter session. That’s why Portrait Day is a good opportunity.

Do you want more information about Portrait Day or a Social Media Package service? Contact Get Out There Photography:

PS. Photos of me on the cover of the blog are from Cherry Kaur (the only one I allowed to take my profile pictures)