Get Out There Photography | Weekly Tips&Tricks #1 – Homemade portraits
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Weekly Tips&Tricks #1 – Homemade portraits

Weekly Tips&Tricks #1 – Homemade portraits

Welcome to Weekly Tips&Tricks!

This week I’ve focused on simple portraits that you can take by yourself at home.

You can use your phone or a camera, the tips&tricks of today are working for both cases.

#1 – Use windows and natural light

A basic portrait it’s more interesting if you’re playing a bit with the light having half of the picture brighter than the other. That means that the source of light is coming from the front-side of the subject. If you have no major equipment, the easiest way to obtain this effect is to pose next to the window. Remember, there is no strongest light than the sun!


The window is at my left side, this simple trick makes the image more interesting












#2 – Use what you have home

You don’t want to take just the simple portrait? Use the things you have at home to make the posing more interesting. I’ll do in the future a Tips&Tricks all dedicated to “homemade special effects”, for now just know that playing with simple objects you can find at home can make the photoshoot more interesting. Books, cups, flowers, just look around and have fun.

#3 – Try different angles, try stupid poses, be crazy and have lots of fun

Once you’ve taken the “boring”  profile portrait next to your window, it’s time to move the camera around and try different things. Try from the top, try from the bottom, put the camera on the floor, try everything you can (be safe while doing it) and see the difference between the pictures. The same goes for posing. If you’re doing this exercise alone while you’re alone in the house, well that’s the perfect time to experiment. Don’t be afraid to be goofy, to do funny faces, try try try. I can ensure you that most of the time when you’re feeling “stupid” you’re in the right pose. (More about posing in the next blogs).

#4 – Follow your crazy ideas, most of the time are not so hard to realize

I posted this picture on my personal page on Facebook and people just were “OMG HOW THE HELL YOU DID IT”. And I was “WOOOO guys it’s actually quite easy”. 

Now, to arrive at this point you must have a photo-editing software, but if you like to play with photoshop a bit (not necessary at a professional level) to realize something like this it’s super easy.

  1. Put your camera on a tripod and NEVER move it during the shoot.
  2. Shoot the different pictures (it’s easier if  you don’t overlap the subjects. In this case I did but that meant that I had to work more on the selection later)
  3. On photoshop cut just the person out (use the tools that allow you to select) and paste the person on one picture. Since you didn’t move the camera it’ll work out because the room and the objects are the same and they didn’t move, so you can overlap them.
  4. If you need to adjust small things us the patch tool or the eraser tool.
  5. Merge the cut in one level and just then make your color correction.

That’s it for now for my Weekly Tips&Tricks. The next episode will be about the Black and White pictures. If you want me to discuss a particular subject let me know in the comments on social media or here.