Get Out There Photography | What inspires me? #1
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What inspires me? #1

What inspires me? #1

Who is your biggest inspiration?

At this question, lots of people answer “my mother” or “my parents”. Other sources of inspiration could be a teacher or a brother or a sister; it could be a friend, a colleague, a partner or a famous person who inspired other people with his/her actions.

Source of inspirations are many, we need different ones in different stages of our life and above all the more we have the better it is.

Lately, I had a very important photo-shoot. What it made this photo-shoot special to me was that I had to take pictures for two people who are one of my biggest source of inspiration.

You know what they say: “friends are the family we choose for ourselves”, well that’s so true. Alessandro and Eleonora Felici, the couple this “What inspires me?” post is dedicated to, are my family. We’re not blood-related, but it’s impossible for me not to see them as older siblings. They helped me when I moved to the Netherlands (they actually convinced me to move here) and since then they were my biggest support in everything I did, professionally and personally.

It’s more than friendship, it’s really a family bond. When I’m with them and with their amazing children, who I have the honor to see growing, I feel just at home.

Now, before I become too cheesy, let’s explain why they inspired me so much in this last photo-shoot. Granted that they are two amazing and creative people, with who I always have meaningful confrontations about art, work, and freelancing, this time they went overboard deciding to change their life following Alessandro’s passion for furniture renovation. The entire path they went through to get to Misfit Furniture is one of the most inspiring stories I ever assisted to.

When Alessandro understood he has this passion for furniture renovation and construction he literally went back to school, dropping his previous job as a talented filmmaker. He attended workshops and he worked as an assistant with a more experienced furniture maker in order to learn. Then slowly he started his own laboratory and he found his own style. Eleonora always supported him. She is also a talented artist and designer, so she contributes to that part of the job.

They asked me to take pictures for their website and I was absolutely thrilled! I love their work and all the furniture Alessandro had renovated are amazing. It’s incredible how he transformed old crap furniture, that people were throwing away, in something so special, unique and absolutely beautiful.

The idea was to show the furniture in a very raw environment, like the hall of Alessandro’s laboratory. I absolutely loved that, because it reflected the spirit of Misfit Furniture: from something simple to creates something new, giving literally new life to what it was considered garbage.

The photo-shoot was really interesting. It has been a while since I was busy taking pictures of objects, and it was a nice challenge to find a creative way to show all the details of the great work Alessandro has done.

I also enjoyed taking some candid lifestyle shoots, I love to see the two of them (and let’s not forget Meesie, the dog) working together.

I’m very proud of my “older siblings” and I’m very happy to see they have the strength to pursue their dreams with hard work, creativity, and determination.

That’s something that will always inspire me.



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