Get Out There Photography | What inspires me? #2
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What inspires me? #2

What inspires me? #2

Lately, I found myself in lack of inspiration. My personal life got very busy (in a very good way), but that meant that I didn’t have much head for work or photography.

Sometimes is a good thing. I mean passions are important, but it’s good to take a break once in a while

When you’re an amateur photographer you are willing to bring your camera anywhere and always with you. This is also something that travel or reportage photographers do.

What happens though when you transform your passion into your job as I did?

Well, the first thing is that you don’t bring your camera with you anymore. I talked with other photographers as well and the deal is that we need a break. We are so used to watch the world through the lens of the camera that when we have the possibility we want to go back to real life and enjoy the moment.

Why I’m telling you that? Because months ago I wanted to start a project called  “inspirational project” but I didn’t know how to start. A friend of mine bought me, at the beginning of my career, a photography exercise book. Basically, you have to take thematic pictures, print them and insert them in the book. Nice idea, I never did it.

A part of me wanted to go back to that “amateur feeling” to take pictures everywhere in order to keep my eye always trained and to play with something different than what I do for work, which I love, but when it becomes “work” it loses a bit of magic.

So I thought I could play with this exercise book, but without using my Canon 5D and all the gears. Then let’s do it with the phone! Nowadays you can take amazing pictures with the phone! But then I’ve to print them out and I’m lazy to go to the shop. So, what to do?

I bought an Instax Mini! Instax Mini is a cheap camera that, like a Polaroid, prints the pictures straight away. It’s cool because it’s not a good camera, it has lots of limits and I cannot play with settings and so, and that means that I LOVE IT! That’s a very good exercise.

There was an experiment (see video here) in which they give to “ordinary people” a super expensive camera and to professional photographers a very cheap one. It ended up that professional photographers took anyway great pictures because the gears you use make just a part of the job, the rest is your eye, your knowledge about light and angles and so on.

So I started to play with the Instax Mini and after I ruined the first film I started to understand how to use it.

For example: the viewfinder is way too much to the right, so I’ve to compensate for it. The flash goes all the time, so I’ve to consider that. There is no much sensibility to the light (the reason why the flash goes always on) that means that if it’s a bit dark the picture will be very very dark!

I’m having lots of fun! I’ll start to share some of the pictures of my “inspirational project” on Instagram (if you don’t follow me, well what you waiting for?!)

I found again a playful way to interact with my eye and vision of the world, it’s a lot of fun and it reminds me that even if I’m a professional photographer I must not forget the playful part of this art, which it means also taking lots of bad pictures and be happy about that.